søndag den 26. august 2012

ANIS talentprisen 2012

We just returned from an amazing week at Odense International Film Festival. Not only was it a week with beautiful people and good friends, but to top it off with an award ceremony that honored animation as a medium and not a genre, awarding Hund i Himlen (Nørlum and Basmati Film) the National Grand Prix and showering the animation industry in general with awards and special mentionings.

We took home "ANIS talentprisen 2012" (The Danish Animation Guilds Talent Award 2012) for "an extraordinairy film within the animation genre" - I am SO honored to have received this award alongside the team of the ATA (the m.fl on the plaque means among others) it has been a power presentation from everyone involved.

It was the top of the cherry to get it handed over by Flemming Quist Møller, one of the animation directors that created my childhood alongside Gunnar Wille (another childhood hero) and Paw Charlie Ravn, who is one of the most talented young Turks in the Danish animation industry today.

A very nice person from the audience was so kind to send me my acceptance speech, where I am very happy and ranting a lot. I forgot to thank a bunch of people, not least Ewen Stenhouse, Maxwell A Oginni & Kaiserbrand who all did episodes and are really good friends, Shaun Farley (and ANIS, ouch). But I hope you all know it wasn't personal, my brain just malfunctioned. Hopefully you can tell by the clip that Im really happy...

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  1. Nice shout man. Thanks. This is mostly your award ol pal. Thanks for taking ata to the next level. ^_^ Dreaz

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