mandag den 21. maj 2012

Annecy 2012, World Premiere!

Last night I had a dream that I was in Annecy and I was partying REALLY hard. And at some point I stole a Porsche and took it out into the mountains to drive some badass off road. And the next day it dawned on me: FUCK I missed the ATA world premiere!!!
If you dont want that to happen to you, you should come rock the cinemas with us at Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2012. Itll be our world premiere. Finished in HD on DCP with a glorious 5.1 soundtrack mixed and made by the amazing Shaun Farley... It looks AWESOME on the big screen...

Here are the Screenings:
- Petite salle, 05/06/2012, 23H00 
- Salle Pierre Lamy, 07/06/2012, 16H00
- Decavision 2, 08/06/2012, 18H00

And earlier this morning I just received word from Odense International Film Festival that we are selected for this years competition. It'll be in Odense, Denmark from 20. – 25. of August 2012.

To make all this Easier Ill make a tab on the side where Ill put down the screenings. Hopefully there'll be more than these two. I've spend the past couple of weeks filling out forms for the most prestigious of festivals.
Keep your fingers crossed.

First Batch of festival Submissions ready to ship...

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