tirsdag den 2. november 2010

Animation Tag Attack Update

Hi Everybody and so sorry for the loooong gap between these two episodes. So many crazy things has happened the past few months, but during the next couple of days we should be up and running again and back on track. The main reason for all this delay has been my absence to take part in the Youtube Play exhibition at the Guggenheim 2 weeks ago. So Ive been neglecting my post as curator on this project and for that Im sorry.
And there is a mad story about Mikey P ending up in a desert somewhere in the States without his hard drives that pulled some extra weeks as well, but the graphics are done now and as soon as the sound is running it will be up asap. All in paper. mmm.

We have had a long debate on the team weather to continue this bastard baby of ours or not, and came to the conclusion that either we should round it off shortly, or we should let it go on forever and make the maddest feature ever seen. But because it is quite a heavy pull for me organizing it all, we have decided to end it off after episode 12. Don't get me wrong; it has been awesome working with these cats, and Ive been taken aback with every new episode as they have been ticking in. And all the positive feedback from all of you has just been invaluable. But it seems that a year is a good round number - and with this Guggenheim thing under my belt there has been a lot of offers to go talk on festivals etc...

The Attack is interesting on so many levels (in terms of cooperation with the internet as a platform, the creativity as a single artist Vs. collaboration, style and storytelling etc.) that it just seems natural to spend the next couple of months writing some articles on it and get all intellectual on your asses. And see if I can bring the ATA as a base for the lectures instead of Bear Untitled that went on the exhibition.

So the game plan now is to get 2 more episodes done and enter the public eye and the festival cirquit.

Ill of course keep you guys updated, and if there's anyone out there interested in lending a hand, or knows some good festivals (or has one) - or you organizes talks etc and would be interested in hearing more about the behind the scenes from me and the boys please let me know.

If you happen to know a good sound designer that would be interested in running over the entire thing to rework the sound we would be most grateful as well...

So that's how it all looks. Again Im sorry for the long wait. But all will be back to good a few days from now. Take care, and thank you for listening in.


3 kommentarer:

  1. Nice one Christen.

    No worries man, although the suspense is now quite painful, I'm sure this will all be worth the wait, so looking forward to seeing it all mastered & polished finally!

    Keep up the great work dude!


  2. welcome back, and yes, i'll give you my insight on my behalf at least, when I got the time.


  3. Hi Christen,
    maybe you know this already, but there're some guys, who are organizing a character festival. You can find more infos here: http://pictoplasma.com/
    Thanks for all the hard work! I love the animation tag attack!